Dealing with your Debts

Here is a list of things that you should Do and Not Do if you are in Debt…

Do the following apply to you?

Are your debts increasing?
Are you under pressure to keep up payments?
Do you want to improve your control of your finances?

If yes then Consider trying some of these simple dos and dont’s.

Do the following

  1. Cut up all your credit cards – NOW.
  2. Cut up all your store cards – NOW.
  3. Take in a lodger to increase your income.
  4. Check that you are receiving all the tax credits to which you are entitled.
  5. Consider working additional overtime hours to increase your income.
  6. Consider taking a second or weekend job.
  7. Prepare a monthly household Income & Expenditure Statement.
  8. Reduce socializing, smoking, drinking, shopping.
  9. Talk to your bank manager, to CAB, to CCCS or to an insolvency services provider.
  10. Talk to your spouse/partner/children about your debt problems.

Do NOT do the following

  1. Bury your head in the sand.
  2. Go on a shopping spree.
  3. Take an expensive holiday.
  4. Throw a party.
  5. Incur new debt.
  6. Drink.
  7. Smoke.
  8. Eat out.
  9. Spoil your children.
  10. Keep your worries to yourself.

About Paddy Byrne

I work at National Debt Relief; a well established debt help company. I have had various roles throughout the company which has allowed me to enhance and develop my knowledge on Debt Solutions, legislation and other areas of the Financial Industry in both the UK and Ireland. I currently write for the National Debt Relief website, as well as other websites. I have written 100's of articles relating to different topics on debt.
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