Further Information about our services

We provide free debt advice and will only charge a fee when you opt for one of our debt solutions.
The fees for the services we provide are different depending on which debt solution we provide.
All fees will be explained in detail and discussed prior to commencement of any service or debt repayment plan.

As of December 2013 we no longer offer Debt Management Plans.

Fees for our services

Unlike nearly all other debt management / Insolvency companies, we do not charge you any upfront fees for setting up your debt solutions, and that means all your payment goes towards your plan. Your lenders will agree to pay us a fee for the work that we do in relation to managing your plan. You will not receive a bill from us.

Call Charges

Calls from a landline are normally free. Please consult your provider if you are unsure. Calls from a mobile may be subject to charges. If you get charged just ask us to call you back for free.
To arrange a free callback simply complete any form on our site.