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Firstly when you are in debt, most of the time you dont know what to do or where to go for help.
You just keep getting demanding letters after letter and phone calls .First step to take then is admit you need help.
I surfed the internet one weekend and came across national debt relief, I put in my details and what I owed, submitted the details.
I thought that's it no one would bother returning a call but to my surprise on my way home from work I got a call from Karen. She put me at ease and told me everything would be ok. She did not judge me for being such a fool for letting myself get in to such financial trouble. That evening my life changed, I had just talked to someone who listened and said that all the help I required would be given. Next I got a call to say I was being passed onto to my own adviser who would look after eveything and would deal with my six creditors. I received a call from Garrett and he spent over 30 mins going through everything and reassuring me at the same time. Too good to be true I said, I still received calls and letters which I forwarded on to Garrett for his attention.
I had trouble only from one creditor but every other creditor accepted the plan set up by Garrett immediately.
Today, after one year with National Debt Relief, I receive no demanding letters or phone calls, any letters I do get Garrett takes care of them.
I pay my monthly standing order to the company and that's it. They spread it out to my creditors.
I dont have to worry any more. I leave everything to Garrett. He is brilliant, like having your own counsellor who is only a phone call away at all times.
Nowhere else would you get a service as good as offered by National Debt Relief.
To be free from all your financial troubles, always remember help is at hand. There are other companies claiming all sorts but with National Debt Relief you know you are dealing with professional people like Karen and Garrett who dont make false claims they tell the truth and deal efficiently with all creditors and put their clients minds at ease.
If you are in financial trouble the best advice I can give is pick up the phone and make that call.

K Byrne

A caller who didn't need our service but just required some advice

After barely surviving over the last few months just about making my repayments with no extra cash to save or prepare for the unexpected I finally gave in and realised I needed help. I filled out an online application with National Debt Relief amongst others and Karen from NDR contacted me the following morning. The first thing she did was walk me threw a budget plan after which she advised me on how to control my debt with a few simple steps. I was lucky enough that on this occasion I did not need further assistance but the time she gave me on the phone was free of charge and showed me how to help myself and now I can see a way out and should be debt free in 5 years.

I would highly recommend National Debt Relief as I did discuss my problems with other companies but all they wanted to do was sign me up to a plan with them were it would have taken almost 7 years to clear my debts and they would have earned a nice commission. National Debt Relief were the only company to offer practical, free advise and suggest that I didn't need there services at the moment. HONESTY how rare.

D C from Cork

The recession hit me like a tsunami and I was totally unprepared for it. I had two major investment failures in stocks and property in 2007 and this put me into serious financial difficulties.
After getting over the inital shock I eventually realised I had to get professional help.

I contacted NDR and after they reviewed my financial commitments and indebitness they negotiated with my creditors a repayment agreement that was accepted by my creditors.

I am thirteen months into that repayment plan. It was not easy and took major personal adjustment and discipline. The NDR advisors were always courtious and helpful with their advice. The first major help was that they took on all contact with my creditors and eventually all unwanted phone calls and unwanted mail was stopped. This relieved most of the day to day stress and pressure I was enduring prior to my contact with NDR.

Seamus D

Having found myself in serious financial difficulty last winter, I didnt know what to do and was beginning to despair at the overwhelming financial burden that I was facing, for at least the next decade. I thought of consolidating my debt into one large loan but quickly realised that this was just "holding my finger in the dam" so to speak, and that it would in fact increase my debts and prolong the agony that I was experiencing had I done this...

I went on-line to assess if there was anyone who could advise me on what my best option was. I priced some loans but was weary of on-line lenders. I came across National Debt Relief (NDR's) number and completed their on-line form. I did this on a Friday night... Then I tried to enjoy my weekend but my financial worries just wouldnt go away...

The following Monday morning I recieved a call from NDR. I had by then forgotten that I had even filled out the on-line form. I was relieved to finally talk with someone about my debt problems. NDR carried out an assessment of my income, expenditure, and the level of debt that I had to various creditors. They advised me on what to do next and I immediately felt a surge of relief come over me... They calculated what I could afford into one monthly payment and in turn this payment was shared amongst my creditors.

That was almost nine months ago. The best decision that I have made in a long time was to search for and find help. NDR's service was and still is excellent and no matter what my query is, they always take ample time to advise me and to put my mind at ease.

It is important not to worry and despair, but to instead abide by and trust the advice that you are given by the NDR experts. I am now paying one regular monthly payment where NDR deal directly with my creditor's which has spared me the embarrasment of doing so myself.

I highly recommend the services of NDR and will always be grateful to them for providing me with hope and a realistic solution to my debt problems at a time of desperation.

'Debt is a lonely and worrying experience and can destroy your quality of life if you let it'... 'So dont let it'.. NDR provide expert help and an excellent service... They are a realistic option so I recemmend that you make the call and let the experts do the worrying so that you dont have to...

Best wishes and good luck with your debt problems...

Stephen, County Donegal

I have had nothing but great friendly professional advice and service from this company. When I was at my worst, pregnant and made reduntant I felt like I was loosing it. I had quite a hard pregnancy, was constantly on the phone trying to explain my situation to creditors only to have them keep hounding me. When I finally realised I needed help National Debt Relief completly took over for me. A few forms to sign and that was it No more nasty letters or phone calls. They saved my sanity.

Karen McG

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