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About National Debt Relief | Debt Solutions & Help in Ireland

National Debt Relief are part of a group of companies that have been established for over 75 years.
Since 1932, we have helped thousands of people to relieve themselves of debt. We offer both informal and formal goverment backed debt solutions to anyone who needs our help.

National Debt Relief provides free debt advice on all debt problems.
We will not recommend a solution unless it suitable to your circumstances. All other options will be explained in full and details will be given as to why a recommended solution is appropriate for you.
Everything you tell NDR is in strictly confidential. Your details and information will never be passed on.
We NEVER charge for our advice. We provide free debt advice to all clients no matter what your circumstances.
We have in-house Insolvency Practitioners, Debt Management advisors, Trust Deed advisors, IVA Advisors and general Debt Advisors.
We offer solutions to individuals as well as companies.
Our expert advisors are fully trained and have ALL been working with us for years.
Professional advice. The National Debt Relief group of companies are licensed and regulated by a number of different bodies.
We can negotiate on your behalf to reduce outgoings to one affordable monthly payment, ask Creditors to freeze interest, and negotiate full and final settlement offers for your creditors.

National Debt Relief Ireland was set up to help Irish residents find debt solutions. National Debt Relief is part of McCambridge Duffy, a company that has been helping both Irish and UK residents with their financial affairs for over 75 years, since 1932.

Over recent years we have seen a surge in debt problems, suffered by people in Ireland and as a result have set up National Debt Relief Ireland. We are aware that the bankruptcy rules in Ireland are very strict when compared to the UK but have found some success in dealing with Irish creditors, to help our clients achieve a satisfactory solution to their debt problems.