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IVA | Individual Voluntary Arrangement

The IVA is a debt solution available only in the UK. The reason we mention it here is because there are a lot of people who ask us if it is available in Ireland. We are working with the government to try to introduce a solution similar to the IVA for Irish residents. We believe it is a great solution for the right person. It is certainly a more favourable option than Bankruptcy.

What is an IVA?

An IVA is government debt solution to help people with large debts to formally agree to repayments they can afford.
In addition to paying lower payments they will generally be given some debt forgiveness. This means that it is common for creditors to legally write off a large portion of the debt after an agreed period of time.

Monthly payments based on what you can afford

Like all our debt solutions, your monthly payment will be a figure you can afford based on your personal circumstances. Payments are worked out by looking at your income and essential outgoings (not including debt repayments)

Income MINUS Outgoings = Money Available For Creditors (See form above)

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