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National Debt Relief offer Debt Solutions to help you get your life back on track. We have years of experience in helping people to deal with debt problems. We have a great reputation and enjoy a good relationship with the credit houses. We know what they will and wont accept from you. This helps us to put together successful plans for 1000s of our clients. Let us help you. We are offering formal assistance with debts using the Personal Insolvency Bill 2012.

Debt Settlement Arrangement

Unsecured debts of any amount

- Affordable repayments based on your living costs.

- Payments for 5 years (60 months).

- Debts legally written off by your creditors on completion of the DSA.

- Only 65% of your creditors must agree to make it legal.

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Personal Insolvency Arrangement

Any debt amount

- Similar to Debt Settlement Arrangement but includes secured creditors too, ie your home / mortgage.

- Secured debt value can be written down to a more affordable amount.

- Affordable payments for 6 years.

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Bankruptcy (New legislation)

Debts over €20,000

- A fresh start free from debt that you cannot pay.

- Lasts 3 years instead of 12 years.

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Debt Relief Notice

Debts up to €35,000 with no assets

- Unsecured debts legally written off.

- Debts will be written off after 3 years.

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Debt Management Plans

Debts from €1,000

A flexible repayment plan with payments that are based on your living costs.

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Anyone can experience a debt problem

With over 80 years of experience, we have just about seen every debt problem imaginable, from a change in personal circumstances such as marital breakdown to business failure. While you might feel alone at this time just remember that 1,000s of people all over Ireland are in debt right now and many are seeking advice just like you.

Call us on +353 1 247 8899 to speak to a debt advisor or fill in our form (on the right) and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Clearing Your Debts

Our aim is to help you to clear your debts in the quickest way possible. We can educate you on how to clear your debts and how to avoid running up further debts in the future. Debt is stressful but it needn't be with the right approach.

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